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The Top Ten Things They Don’t Tell You in Nursing School

on February 14, 2013


What memories from nursing school stick with you ?

Two coworkers and I were talking the other day and laughing over a shared experience of having an instructor so militant in her style that I confessed to being left in tears more than once.

She taught me much, but there were some things I had to learn the hard way.

Below is a list that includes input from coworkers. Please add to it and make some new nurse’s life a little easier.

1. All patients lie. Pam, Elaine, Robin,Suzanne, Janet, and several others.

2. No matter how good you are, guilt is inevitable. Suzanne

3. Doctors will yell at you whether you are right or wrong.

4. Trust your gut. Cindy

5. “Estoy teniendo contracciones ” means, um, “The baby is coming.”

6. If the ER tells you the patient you are getting is “AJU”, it means “All jacked up”.

7. You will see much that textbooks can’t explain. Cindy

8. Nurses often eat their young. Stay alert.

9. Don’t feel bad about stealing saltines from the patients trays, it’s your lunch. Robin

10. You will cry, but it won’t be because you slipped in a puddle of urine, it’s more likely to be because you looked in the eyes of a terminal patients and knew they really, really weren’t ready to go.

4 responses to “The Top Ten Things They Don’t Tell You in Nursing School

  1. sachified says:

    I completely agree with number 7! 🙂

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Oh, when you are done with Med School you can write your own text that explains some of those things we nurses could never understand.

      • sachified says:

        I hope I will be able to! I think that hospital experience is the most important factor that makes health professionals really understand beyond theoretics :))

        By the way, I really like your blog, I miss nursing!! 🙂

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