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Who’s sitting next to you?

on July 27, 2013


Expecting to be thoroughly bored for the next eight hours, I sat and started doodling when the meeting “Ice breaker” started.        

“Hi John, tell us something interesting about yourself.” 

 I pivoted in my seat to get a brief look at John. Average height. Stocky build. Probably an ER nurse. I turned back to the papers in front of me to see when the first break would be.           

“I used to be a professional wrestler and toured in Japan.” John said in a nonchalant way. 

I whipped back around so fast; I think I heard a few vertebrae out of place. A wrestler. Now that’s cool.

The question went around the room, but I was paying little attention. I was preoccupied with John, the ex-wrestler. Were his patients ever afraid of him? How fast he could get a psych patient into four point restraints? Could he help me with a doctor I found particularly annoying?           

“Excuse me” 

Uh-oh, she’s looking at me. I hate talking in public. I’ve learned the basics, but hated it all the same. 

            “Tell us something about you.” She needs to cut back on her morning espresso. 

            “I, um, I uh, I like to write.” I turned my head to the person at my left, a vain attempt to move the attention off of me.      

            “Wow! How interesting. What do you write about?”

I saw the scene it my head. A schizophrenic patient, out of his strait-jacket, ranting about meeting the Pope. Outside the locked door, three nurses huddled together, the one in the center shaking his head emphatically up and down. The other two are pulling cash out of their pockets, pleading looks on their faces.  What would I make the opening line? 

            “Susan ?” 

Oh jeez, how embarrassing. Standing in a group of peers and daydreaming! 

            “Nursing stories, I write nursing stories.”

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