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Ooh, that five letter word employers are afraid of…

on October 1, 2013

My manager gave me and everyone in the break room an envelope. I read it quickly. I was more interested in the soft chocolate chip cookie sitting at the fingertips of my left hand.

 Union. Nine words into the two page letter– there it was.

 Less than a week after the departure of Orlando Health’s CEO, Sherrie Sitarik, and two months after she brought about the change in differential for night shift employees, union representatives are wandering around the campus, soliciting staff to sign union cards.

 Yay, drama! There’s none in my personal life, so this is good!

 I want so badly to reference Sally Field in “Norma Rae”, holding up that sign; the saga of her stalwart efforts to bring a union into her factory job, but it’s just not in me. It is interesting to see how much more stressed out my manager looks since I met her two years ago! It’s also interesting that patients ask me if I have noticed any change.

 When you are a hospital patient, it’s one of the few times it is socially acceptable to be completely self-absorbed and give little to no thought to what’s going on with anyone else. Hey, we are about to make incisions in you and stick things where most people don’t want anything stuck.

 I’d like to reassure my boss that the only thing I might picket for is replacing the coffee maker with a cappuccino machine. She just doesn’t believe that it will push our 95% satisfaction score up to 100%.

3 responses to “Ooh, that five letter word employers are afraid of…

  1. Sarah says:

    Yes I vote for that cappuccino machine!!

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Yeah, for all the times we get the rolling eyeball to wrap it up and leave early, we should have the lost pay reimbursed with something a little sweeter than coffee. I mean, hay, the Starbucks drinks downstairs are $3.50 a pop!

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