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The Last One in 2013 Called Me Stupid

on January 1, 2014

“The guy next to me, he drove me nuts all night, getting up and down.”

Thankful he was on the stretcher and not us, we each gave him a patronizing “uh hmm”.

“I spent twenty years in the military…and you know, he was, you know, an indigent. It’s not right.”

That’s where our support stopped and the only sounds in the room were the hiss of the oxygen and the vibration of video equipment.

Then, the doctor I sometimes find infuriating with his need for a fast turnaround spoke. He stated calmly and even toned, no different than if he was giving directions to the cafeteria, “We treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter whether you can pay or not.” The patient started to interrupt so the physician repeated himself. “Everyone needs to be treated the same”. The second time, I heard emotion behind it.

I was a wimp. I waited until the anesthesiologist sedated the patient, then I mumbled what I thought of his narrow-minded comment.

When he woke from sedation, I went to sit him up to transfer him to a wheelchair. He faired O.K.  Forty years of smoking diminished his lung capacity, so I was watching him carefully.

As I put the foot pedals down, he noticed my name tag, tapped me on the shoulder, and then said before pausing, “People with your name…”

“What?” I enjoyed the interesting facts patients sometimes want to share.

“You’re slow, slow to absorb things.”

I was absorbing something about him, but it wasn’t a good thing.


I think he just wanted to be in my blog.

 Here you go buddy, your fifteen minutes of fame. A new year has officially begun.


One response to “The Last One in 2013 Called Me Stupid

  1. Mary K says:

    OMG! Some people think if you help them, you become their slave, and they can treat you the way they want. When I read this to David, he said, ” ‘ We treat everyone the same…’ even the a–holes!” Lucky for him.

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