Don't Curse the Nurse!

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Warning To New Nurses

on January 6, 2014

ImageYou are in a vulnerable place, and you will meet many new people. Some will help, some will stand back, snicker, and turn it into a smile when you look their way. Some will be sarcastic.

I’m not new to the profession; I’ve bounced around to different specialties to meet my personal needs. Maybe it’s the nurturer in me –– I feel the need to warn you about sarcasm.

Sarcasm comes from the Greek word sarkasmos – to tear flesh, bite the lip in rage. ( Webster’s 2010).

It’s fair to say that sarcasm is, at the least, a passive form of aggression, the dark side of humor. Heads up – you’re the one being laughed at.

And the deliver, they’re someone trying to humiliate you or firm up their shaky ego under the guise of “teaching you”.

Some of these people will tell you they are only trying to be ironic. Not true –– irony is an incongruity, sarcasm is intentional.

So be wary of the nurses that have fine-tuned this skill. They are out there.

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