Don't Curse the Nurse!

Sharing support with stories & humor


on January 22, 2014


“Hey Sis, you have another anniversary coming up, don’t you?”    Divorce rates are 25% higher                                                                                                        in families dealing w/ Autism

“Yes! It’s been twenty-seven years.”                                            Hear that folks

“Valentine’s Day, right?” I hear her giggle a little.

“Yes, we’re hopeless romantics.”

I hear the girls in the background. “Oh, I almost forgot, did the girls enjoy the Christmas trip to

Georgia? Did my favorite niece get to ski or at least play in the snow?”     

                                                                                                Direct costs such as medical costs, therapies, education, and special camps are estimated to range between $38,000 and $43,000 yearly, impacting opportunities for the family as a whole.

“Not much snow, but the girls together had fun — and you know, they each have their laptops to

play games on.

“Hey Nanc, before I forget, thank you for what you’re doing with my IRA. I see it growing each

time I sign on! You two are awesome. I’ll make it over there so you guys have a night out alone.

Love you, bye!”


Autism doesn’t define their life. They let it sit in the corner of their house, and that’s only

because it broke in, crept in in the middle of the night, and refuses to leave. The louder it growls and scares their kids, the stronger they get; they tame the beast to a whimper, and the better they live.

                                                         It’s the best revenge.



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