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A ‘shroom with a View

on April 18, 2014

  Image      The young girl I was recovery from her gastroscopy was pale skinned, not like severely anemic pale, just naturally pale like Brittany Murphy in “8 Mile”. On her face was that Oh I love Propofol look — eyes half shut, arms languishing at her side. Within ten minutes she was awake and asking about having some lunch. That’s when the doctor came out to see her. I stepped back a few feet, but could still hear them well.

He gave her the news everyone like to hear, “not much there” “…a little inflammation”. Then he asked her a question. “Do you smoke pot routinely?”

She started to speak, but he interrupted her.

“See, there is a syndrome called Cannabinoid hyperemesis that can cause excessive vomiting and abdominal pain.”

The doctor paused at this point. I’ve heard him ask this before. He’s waiting for a humble confession. This little porcelain angel’s response was precious, her tone — matter-of fact.

            “Well, it was my birthday about a week ago and we didn’t have enough money for ‘shrooms — my boyfriend and I — see we live together and he’s not getting much work lately — so we got a bag of grass instead, you know, to go with pizza and beer — oh, and cake, of course.”

            I saw the doctor cock his head quizzically. I couldn’t help but giggle. I mean, my porcelain angel said it so calmly. (I’ll have to blog an addendum to the post that reads “All Patients Lie”.  She’s the exception.)

The physician couldn’t help but smile as I murmured, “She’s being honest”.


On the professional side of things, when he was done talking, I sat with my Brittany Murphy look-a-like and pointed out that she lost work time and she should find a healthier addiction that doesn’t eat up her stomach and her income.


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