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Uh Oh…

on May 13, 2014

 Image          My sister mentioned this before I heard about it at work, and then sent me the link below:


What’s really crazy is the variety of comments on various sites. Below is an articulate blogger that wrote a high brow/ cheeky post about the lawsuit and the details surrounding it.

Healthcare people, don’t be afraid. Speak up. Or change the conversation. Stroke that doctor’s big gigantic ego and give words of empathy for the challenges of his job. (It’s easy)  Or, appeal to his or her softer side — ask about the kids, the wife. Do they have any vacation plans? Excuse my pun, I just have to say, don’t make the patient the butt of your jokes when you are having a bad day.

I am happy to say that none of our doctors have ever done anything like that. A hard to reach cecum only gets a handful of “fuffufini’s”, a made up word I think, from the doctor who visits us the most.


Decide quickly if you want to be different or make a difference. Then stick to it.




6 responses to “Uh Oh…

  1. read both links. Incredible. thanks for the info, LMA

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Thank you ! I like the tone of your material. I actually had something else I considered posting, but reading your work encouraged me to avoid the fluffy stuff this week.

      • Hi, thanks for the compliment. Love having you hear. Your post on the Virginia man filing a suit against his doctor was the basis for our dinner conversation the other night. We know, not pleasant subject matter, but we could take it. 🙂

        love having you around, xo LMA

  2. Mary k says:

    I read some of the comments (I have to say, some on topic, thoughtful lawyering there, I was impressed–not being sarcastic), and my favorite was by Molly Cooke, about the bad behavior demeaning the medical profession. As a potential patient, what worries me is the possibility my subconscious would hear and compromise my healing. As a rule, I’m pretty tolerant of weird humor, but the personal remarks–ow! The lawsuit seems frivolous, but I’m glad the guy brought the problem to light.

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Yeah ! It’s one of those rare moments when I am embarrassed that I am a health care professional. Yes, in the procedure room, once the patient is sedated and we have 6 feet of colon to wind our way through before we get to the cecum, lively conversation sometimes ensues. It is never, and I mean never, at the patient’s expense!

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