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on June 22, 2014

This is weird.

 On the Commonwealth Fund list of criteria for their 2014 study, two of the eleven categories are effective care and patient centered care. We are number three and number four respectively; the other measurements, i.e. efficiency, all sound like they could apply to any setting… a car dealership, Best Buy, or Costco.

The Washington Post cuts to the chase and opens with this statement regarding on the outcome of The Commonwealth Fund report of 2014.

“The latest look at the U.S. health care system compared to other rich countries shows — yet again — that the United States comes in dead last.”

“Americans spend far more per person on medical care, yet are less healthy than people in 10 other countries. The system is less fair than systems in other rich countries and it’s far less efficient, ranking last of 11 nations, the Commonwealth Fund report reads.”

Background on Commonwealth: It is a New York based foundation that offers grants, fellowships, and has been doing this study for the last ten years. The one mentioned above was completed prior to the ACA coming out.

I have a problem with reports like this.

 The human factor is never taken into consideration. The professional patient (I can say this. I’m a nurse and have met dozens).The naïve ones that will say “No” I have no cardiac problems. Then when you ask them “Have you have surgery”, they say “Yes, a triple bypass, two years ago.”  The hospital patient whose family thinks they are being kind by bringing a quarter pounder and fries up to the room.

 Did they measure compliance? The number of appointments people choose to skip? The medications they decide to score in half and spread out because they are too busy to get to the pharmacy.  Skewed results.  My new favorite phrase.

I am all for research and happy that this group also gives thousands in grants and fellowship. There is a scientist in my family so I understand its value. I just wish a group with so much money would divest it further and take pride in applying funds in a practical manner, like maybe lower the salaries of the board members. O.K that was mean. I’ll stop now.



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