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You Never Know

on July 22, 2014

It was almost an average day. Then I went to help out another unit.

“Susan, can you take that patient behind the curtain and check him in?”

I knew it wasn’t really a question. I had been sent over to help, not selectively decide what I wanted to do for the last forty-five minutes before going home.

“Sure.” I pulled the curtain back and upon seeing the patient, stepped inside the room and closed it again. I heard a voice call out from behind the curtain just I gently took his restrained hand away from the external urinary catheter he was trying to remove.

“He’s contact precautions.”

Um hmm, I though. Someone needs to tell him that too.

I washed my hands, made sure his restraints were secure and proceeded with gloves on.

“Hi, I’m Susan. I’m going to put some monitors on you then hang a bag of fluid to your IV.” I noticed gauze wrap about two inches deep on each forearm. His IV line was obviously buried somewhere below.

He pulled his head off the pillow and with his shoulders and arm muscles flexed tight, looked like a body builder in the middle of a dead lift. “Who you hanging!!”

I backed way, got more curious about his level of orientation, up and started over. “I see your knee is real swollen. We are getting you ready for the surgeon who’s going to help with that. Tell me, what’s your name and when is your birthday?”

He relaxed, dropped his head back down, and curled his mouth up into a smile. When he started to talk again, he opened his mouth wide and revealed the assortment of teeth that had survived his sixty-seven years. “I’m the great Jesse James and my birthday is nine five eighteen hundred and forty-seven.” Aahh. I turned back and stuck my head outside the curtain.

“Make sure the consents are all in order.”

“Jesse” interrupted me and I turned back to see what he was going to say next.

“Just don’t hurt Frank. Whatever you do, don’t hurt Frank”


I wasn’t going to post tonight. As a matter of fact I was heading in. Then I decided to Google Jesse James out of curiosity.

The infamous Jesse James was born September 5th, 1847.

And his brother, Frank , although finally caught, wasn’t sent to jail. He lived another forty-five years.

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