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Don’t Call Me That

on July 29, 2014

mount everestBecause I check my LinkedIn page once in a while, I am exposed to articles about how to get ahead on the job, networking, advances in medicine, and sometimes the results of research or surveys.

Recently NPR reviewed a study done by the National Institute of Aging and I LOVE THE RESULTS!

I thought, Ha ! Here’s my ammunition for all the people that say I need to relax more, be more spontaneous. Have more fun. Maybe I am just leading a more purpose driven life (nod to Rick Warren).

This is where I am going to take a side road.

I’ve been called an overachiever, a word that is not even in the dictionary. I checked. It’s not there. The reference annoys me. Someone is making a calculation that I am trying to accomplish things out of my realm — thinks I’m trying too hard.

Maybe we overachievers aren’t people pushing ourselves beyond our natural capacities; maybe we’re just not content with wandering aimlessly through our days, giving breath to the meaning of gluttony and living vicariously through the televised antics of celebrity seeking attention whores. Maybe our superegos are so big that we can’t possibly imagine our only function is to procreate and get old without doing too much damage to ourselves and anyone else.

 I am going to get on my gigantic soapbox and say one last thing.

Your life is a gift. No one owes you anything. You decide if you want to leave a mark on this world and what kind of mark that will be. Push yourself a little. When it’s all done and over, people might not remember what you said, but they will remember how your life impacted them.

And P.S. Don’t let anyone call you an overachiever.

7 responses to “Don’t Call Me That

  1. Ronald Riley says:

    We live in a time where declaring yourself a victim can get you anything and mediocrity is the highest achievement celebrated, everyone gets a trophy. Too many are waiting for someone to tap them on the shoulder and tell them what their purpose is. If you are not testing your boundaries every day, you will never find out who you really are before your time on this mortal coil winds down. No one has the power to define you but your actions and your choices. Make good choices, or just wait for the inevitable. The world is filled with opportunities. Someone else achieving does not take the option away from anyone else, rather it provides a new platform for you to build your achievements on. Instead of asking “Why didn’t I do that?”, let it inspire you to start your own adventure. Life is too short to be a spectator sport. Get off the couch and live it!

  2. So true, I tell ppl who call me an over achiever that it’s insulting they don’t consider what I do is just within my normal capabilities!

  3. lol…people call me an overachiever on WP all the time. 😉

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