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on August 6, 2014

pvcIt feels like there is an invisible straw from your mouth to the pit of your sternum and someone is slowly sucking the air out of you in short quick spurts. Between the spurts there is an ache that spreads from the center of your breastplate out to the edges where your ribs start, as if someone has the palm of their hand on your chest and they are pushing ever so gently down every four to five seconds. It might last from three to six minutes and is accompanied by a pulsing in your neck, not a weird “Oh gosh, I’m choking feeling”, just a thickness, a sense that you need to swallow except there is no food in your throat to swallow.

I could laugh and say that when you get these something is sucking the life out of you, or that the pressure of the world is upon you, ha, but it’s neither — it’s just PVCs. And alone, they are not considered a lethal arrhythmia.

Because I have a 30 day monitor’s worth of recordings and a 24 hour holter monitor with PVC’s at every fourth complex, I have deemed myself an expert on the matter ( just kidding).

I accept this experience as an opportunity to increase my level of empathy for any patient of mine with  cardiac problems. Since I am human,  don’t smoke, do exercise ( not much lately), and drink with caution, I am also getting annoyed with patients with chronic conditions that make no effort to change lifestyle habits. I’d like to lean more to the side of compassion and hope the feeling comes soon. Anything would be better than having these all the time.


12 responses to “Heartache

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I had these when I was pregnant. All. The. Time. So, so sorry!

  2. mikah257 says:

    You write beautifully about such an unbeautiful sensation. From my visceral response, I wonder if there is some universe where something is “sucking the life” out of me.

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Yeah, you know, it makes me understand why some carry arrows on their back. They shoot those spiked daggers at whatever they see, unsure who will take and who will give. Maybe the ones who walk around with their defenses up are the only ones not being drained. I don’t know. With our guard up we are protected, but then we also can’t see the good in front of us either.

  3. I had an ablation. It changed my life and I was amazed at much confidence it have me! I never realised life could be so…… Easy!

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