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She wasn’t in labor

on September 2, 2014

And today we had a screamer.
No, she wasn’t in labor.
She had plenty of other stuff going on; renal failure, abscessed wound, sexually transmitted disease, and a non-functioning shunt.
The profanity was amazing, how much of it came out of the mouth of the petite thirty year old was absolutely astounding! She told us in six different ways how much she wanted us to leave her alone. Nobody was exempt.
I approached her with my eyes down, the same way you approach an angry animal, and put the blood pressure cuff on her arm as if I was wrapping her extremity with cotton tissue. I said a prayer of thanks for the steady drip coming from her patent IV.
Fortunately there was only one other patient in the pre-op area, and she wore hearing aids. This patient had a pleasant smile on her face the entire time. She must have taken the hearing aids out.
When someone is that irate and you find out that, no, they were not Baker Acted into our place; you have to laugh a little and wonder why they came here in the first place.
Then you relax because you know this is going to reach the manager’s office.
And she’d going to put an end to it.

6 responses to “She wasn’t in labor

  1. wow, you deal with a lot in a day. obviously the emotional pain of this woman matches the physical. LMA

  2. Had to google “baker acted.)

  3. Oh yes, abusive patients. It does liven up the day, and u have learnt some very effective curses from them 🙂

  4. Debbie M. says:

    I have read through several of the blog posts now. Even though I am not a nurse or anything to do with the medical field, I am chuckling through them. I have always thought that medical professionals have seen everything. Your blog has confirmed that thought. Thanks for sharing. Through it all, I see someone dedicated to their field and handling the bumps and curves in the road with humor. Bravo!!!!

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