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Getting up

on October 13, 2014

The advantages of getting up for work at 4:30 in the morning are as listed:
There is no one on the road — no one to interfere with your driving. If you have an issue with your travel from home to the hospital, it’s because you managed to hit the pothole on that small side road that usually saves you three minutes.
The parking lot – it’s pretty empty. You take the second spot, which is fine, because the car in the first spot has overhanging branches that drop sap your roof, sap that dries by noon.
You won’t be late clocking in because you had to stop in the bathroom. Getting up at 4:30 guarantees that your bladder is full and you will empty it before you leave home.
You’re not stressed. You’re not stressed because you’re not really awake. You’re only 90% there until a doctor slams his hand on the counter and says “Don’t give me a short history form to complete, my H&P is somewhere around here.”
When you leave, its 2:30 or maybe even 2:15. If you stayed up late last night, you will need a nap when you get home, but hay, its only 3:00 pm! Everyone else is still at work.
You only screw it up if you turn on Netflix, HBO, or any of those other channels carrying those addictive shows — you know the ones that suck you into their vortex of fantasy and vengeance with Tyrion ,Gregor, Francis Underwood.
Getting up at 4:30 in the morning is okay if you turn off the T.V at 7:00 pm!

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