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Bad Thoughts

on November 8, 2014

It’s common sense to look at the age, diagnosis, and surgery being done before the patient get’s down to your bay to be prepped for surgery. So, when I see ages like 21,24,28, I get a little mushy. It’s that Ah, that’s about the same age as Kristen ( my daughter) kind of feeling. The mom button is triggered. It’s a sensitive button. Any warm fuzzy thought or the sound of a cooing baby will set it off.

So here we go with a twenty-two year coming in – nothing major – a surgical need appropriate for her age. I get six words in then it starts.

“I want my mother back here.”

No problem. If I never had surgery before, I’d be nervous too. I call her mom back.

Not sure it was a good idea. This young woman spoke to her mother in the most condescending way and when she wasn’t talking, she was whining, making the annoying sounds you know, like six year olds do when they don’t want to go to bed.The  look on her mother’s face was that of a beaten rag doll.

Then we get to starting the IV. I really couldn’t decipher whether it was dramatics or genuine fear. Either way, according to my emotionally young patient, we all had to wait until her boyfriend showed up. Fortunately, the surgeon had another case before hers.

Her Keanu Reeves wannabee shows up and I see her relax a little.  Good.

With Instye in hand ( it’s the little sharp device that has to go under the skin, and it is little), I wipe alcohol over the back of her hand where I have multiple bulging veins to pick from. Seconds before inserting it, she jerks her hand away. I stop and ask her if she is okay. I also remind her I picked a smaller Instye, a pediatric one, for her. I resume my head bent over her hand position. She jerks her and away again and moans about how upset she is that she is here in the hospital.

After the third time, I stand up and make an announcement to her.

“If you jerk your hand when I am inserting this tiny catheter needle, there is no telling how much skin I will rip, and then there will be some real pain.”

With dramatic flair, she flung her head back away from me and said through gritted teeth, “Well then, just get it done!”

I finished her assessment, gave her mother the call bell, and told a coworker, in confidence, that for the  first time in a long long time, I wanted to slap a patient.

7 responses to “Bad Thoughts

    • b4thirty8 says:

      I know, not good at all. The combination of how she was talking to her mother AND the dramatics. It got to me. And the slap would have been something like the one Cher gave Nicholas Cage, you know, the “Snap out of it “slap when he said he loved her.

  1. I don’t blame you. =) But funny coming from you.

  2. Beth says:

    And then there will be a grown man, whose addiction surfaces and you will want to slap him as he lies there crying like a baby for his “adavan.” People like that almost don’t deserve to live, but they are still humans made in God’s own image.

    Loved your short, sweet description of a spoiled brat. She and the Keanu Reeves wannabee deserve each other.

  3. b4thirty8 says:

    I do meet all sorts of people! Thanks for the read!

  4. I would have slapped her when she asked for her boyfriend…..

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