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Common Nursing Dilemma

on November 9, 2014

Tomorrow is supposed to be a very,very busy day. Curses on that fellow nurse who dare take a day off when we have twenty-five surgeries!

Since there will be no time for eating, here’s what I need to decide:

Do I eat more tonight before bedtime, accept that there is no eating from 6 am to 2 pm, and use the stored calories for fuel? Do I pray that there is a fast food place open before 6:00 am and  shovel down a few sausage biscuits while driving? Or do I bag almonds and stuff them into my pockets – maybe I can discretely nibble while working?

Oh, I’ve got it ! Protein shakes! I have  a few in the refrigerator. But then, that will make me have to go to the bathroom…


3 responses to “Common Nursing Dilemma

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Go with the salty nuts. 😉

  2. Hint: Chocolate. Great for instant energy, can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Good as snacks too. And it takes very little time to eat :-p

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