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Almost the end of Claire and Beulah’s story

on November 16, 2014

That night, Claire rummaged through a small daisy painted trash basket for the receipt she’d thrown in there two days earlier. Purchase of the work shoes had been part of a much deserved shopping spree after three weeks of unrequested overtime. The nursing home had a hard time holding onto nurses and Claire was one of the few picking up the slack. The younger nurses were fearlessly leaving for ICU jobs in the city’s newly built hospital. The older ones were set in their ways and preferred to complain than make a change. Claire need a pick me up for all her hard work and the new shoes were her reward.

Beulah had literally pissed all over it.

The following morning Claire marched into the Director’s office. With a dramatic flair uncommon for her, she described the events leading up to the soiling of her shoes and had only one comment as she placed her receipt on the desk in front of her, “ I demand reimbursement for new shoes!”

The Director, a Boston transplant with and unusually full head of hair surprised Claire with his response.

“Why yes, I think you deserve to have reparation for the damage done.”

Claire turned and looked back out through the door she had entered and furrowed her eyebrow. She then straightened her shoulders and pursed her lips before speaking.

“You are talking to me, right?”

The Director leaned back in his chair and laughed. “Of course I am. Your timing is perfect. Beulahs’ guardian is coming down to see her. I need you to take her to town for a new outfit and shoes.”

Claire couldn’t believe her bad luck. Her first weekend off in three weeks and she was going to spend her Saturday in town with her least favorite patient. She knew Beulah was likely to have the same response. Just a week ago, Beulah interrupted the afternoon sing-a- long and rolled around in her electric wheelchair passing out blank paper and pencils. She wanted her fellow residents to vote on having Claire fired from the Autumn Oaks Nursing Home.

To be continued one more day.  

I promise.Tomorrow I will bring this to closure!

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