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Maybe I’m Not Meant to be a Blogger

on November 30, 2014

This is what I have learned in the twenty months I have been posting to and reading the posts of others; bloggers don’t mess around with their feelings.

They throw them on the screen and they want them to stick, no matter what their current state of mind or life happenings at present. They share. They share things I don’t and do want to know. And the things I don’t, it’s normally their opinion about a topic I am not well versed on, so it’s not so much that I don’t care, it’s just that I have nothing to contribute to the discussion.

I don’t believe that natural born bloggers ( NBB’s) put their opinions on the internet for some kind of permanent validation. Anyone that goes through the trouble to set up a blog site is someone who is reaching out. I can say that because I didn’t even have the patience to set up my own site, I had to have someone else do it. (And, I’ve been called standoffish, cold, and more affectionately, and introvert on the far left of the scale.) The internet is a pretty big damn place. It sounds nice to say that your blog is just a place to express yourself, but I think that’s being modest. NBB’s have more chutzpah then they give themselves credit. Notice I say they, not we.

They want to stretch their interactions outside of the realm of family, friends, and coworkers’. There’s a drive to connect with others.  Let me give you some examples: Opinionated Man at Harsh has a full time job and two small children — he posts twice daily and has had over a million views in two years. SurgeryatAtTiffanys and Victo Dolore, both on WordPress, are physicians that usually work twelve hour days and have close to a thousand followers each. OM creates dialogue. The doctors increase awareness of the depth of their work and through their story telling, humanize a profession we often hold at a distance.  In addition to her fictional work, LindaGHill is chronicling on parenting, poetry, life, and keeping me inspired with her gently layered candor. Project Light to Life is journaling adventures I wish I’d taken when I was younger.

NBB’s are not stingy with their words. The average post is 375 words. OM is the exception, but then he posts 2- 3 times a day. If they edit, it’s for clarity, not to present their post like a newspaper side columns. I tend to be short and to the point. Starting a post doesn’t excite me, finishing one does. I’ll lose at least one follower for my rare moment of honesty, oh well.

I also don’t want to share everything. I want to write. I want to be a mreedmccall.  With blogging, if you want success, the two are a package deal. I thought blogging would increase my love for story writing. It’s turned out be somewhat of a distraction. It’s addictive, that is, reading other peoples posts. It has increased my social skills (hehe, my internet social skills).

I think of the bloggers that have extended open arms to me as family, so I’ll probably keep doing it.

And I just checked my dashboard. I have two new followers. Woohoo ! So, I guess all I can say now is …

Goodnight John Boy.

11 responses to “Maybe I’m Not Meant to be a Blogger

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    The Walton’s?!?!??! How old are you, anyway? 😛 (Is it sad that I knew instantly what that quote was from?) Don’t you DARE quit.

    • b4thirty8 says:

      Turning 50 in a couple of months -maybe the melancholy is temporary… heading off to work in a few minutes here.

      The word “DARE” you typed out – it’s lifted me a little. Thanks.

  2. Nancy Riley says:

    I agree with Victo…Don’t quit. You are great at this.

  3. You are a NBB!! I love your posts! I do agree tho that there are things I hesitate to share although I would live to write about…. Partly because it is too personal, or I am afraid to be judged. But mostly, I have to be careful with my profession and confidentiality issues. I totally understand this post, except I also totally disagree with your title. Of course you should be a blogger, your follower numbers prove that!

  4. b4thirty8 says:

    Ah, thanks – because I edit my thoughts with some routine, there is a part of me that can’t help but feel like I’m not giving it 100 %. I’m going to try not to over analyze this much further. I’ll reassess how I feel when I hit the big “50”. My posts will either get more raw, or I’ll start complaining about how much my feet hurt at the end of the day 🙂

  5. NBB. LOL.

    OM averaged 6-8 posts a day. =)

    “Starting a post doesn’t excite me, finishing one does.” I love your self-awareness.

    As I said in my posts on successful blogging a year ago, play your card. Do YOUR thing your way. You’re matter-of-fact? Stay that way.

    Enjoyed the honesty of this piece and the reflections.


  6. Is it wrong I feel rather gangster calling myself an NBB? 😉

  7. Beth says:

    Susan, I have been following you for a while and I have to confess I thought you were a young girl. I even suggested our nurse granddaughter follow your blog for encouragement. She is only twenty-two. Your lively spirit, your honesty, your strong opinions all seemed to say youth. I am glad to know you better through this post and glad to know the stresses of nursing have not “aged” you.

    If you feel a “message” coming on, by all means share! If writing is stressful, by all means don’t put yourself out. We will happily take what you have to offer.

    • Susan says:

      People following my blog have made me feel like my thoughts were valid and interesting. Some peoples’ comments make me smile, or laugh. Your comment made me feel like you really cared – about me, not just what I write, WOW. I do love being a nurse. The only risk is emptying your cup more than you fill it. Thank you for filling it today!

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