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Show Me The Money

on December 3, 2014

Looking my worst, along side my coworkers in perioperative services, nurses/ techs from surgery, a few doctors, managers, and the Endo team, we head to the garden atrium stairs for a photo. Scrubs are wrinkled, ponytails are askew, there is little make-up among the lot of us. Our unit secretary was the exception, (But then she’s 26 and still clubbing on Saturday night). Even one of the younger male scrub techs abandoned us seconds before the photo to wet and spike his hair. The  photographer from our mother hospital had to take six photos to get everyone smiling.

Why did we do this?

Because perioperative services in our hospital is in the top 2% nationally for patient satisfaction.

Remember one of my prior posts: Satisfaction = Money

So I understand, per explanation from management and outside sources ( those would be the reliable ones) that patient satisfaction is directly related to hospital reimbursement.

I’m thinking about telling them to eliminate the photographer’s position and give us each a few hundred dollars. I’ll go get myself a makeover before date night and use the extra to pay for a massage after the next 12 hour work day.

You know that saying ” ______ rolls downhill.”

I think the money should too.

8 responses to “Show Me The Money

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Yes! Nothing says love like $. And large diamonds.

  2. Nancy Riley says:

    It is interesting that in whatever company…top management always has time to prepare for a photo. Few others do….

  3. I hate work photos! The last time I got one taken, it ended up on some stupid advertising campaign billboard for the hospital, aaaargh!!!! Maybe you could autograph the photos and sell them?!?! 😛

  4. Enid Mueller says:

    I never pose for these pics. They are used for lies!
    Or maybe you could turn the tables and use them as evidence of what a great nurse you are!

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