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The Good old Days

on January 13, 2015


We were back to paper. It was just like the good old days — my handwriting — I had to print, otherwise it’d be illegible. It was for 24 hours, 48 for me as I was on call for the weekend.

I found it painless. Now, the person that had to read my writing and put it all in the computer on Monday morning… I’ll have to hunt them down and hand them some Starbucks!

3 responses to “The Good old Days

  1. Beth says:

    I remember the feel of a Sheaffer fountain pen in my hand–smooth and easy to use. I had a left-handed nib to help me write more smoothly. If only I had it now.

    • Susan says:

      I looked up your pen. I now am indulging myself in pens of quality for my work. Who knows, maybe it will help!

      • Beth says:

        The old fashioned liquid ink kind is best. It does not smear when left-handers use it. Later, maybe during my college days, they came out with cartridges filled with liquid ink. Those could be dropped into the barrels of the pen and there was no mess at all.

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