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I Will Leave The Country

on August 23, 2015

I have this incredible anxiety about Trump becoming our next president.

The man is known for three things: 1. Being really smart when it comes to buying land and building hotels. 2. Getting a new and prettier wife every ten years. 3. Loving money enough to enter the world of reality TV and giving people like Brett Michaels and Arsenio Hall an extra fifteen minutes of fame.

I even asked my dad on a recent visit of his if he and mom would ever consider living in Canada.

That’s right. Moving out of the country if Trump becomes president is something I would seriously consider.

Dad said no and went on to reassure me that Trump’s ideas have to get past Congress and that is no easy task.

Now, I don’t think all of Trump’s ideas are bad ideas.

But it’s just like a story; it’s all in the delivery.

And before anyone says I’m too concerned about being politically correct, let me remind you, this multi-millionaire, who has responsibility out the yazoo, took the time to engage in emotional banter with Rosie O’Donnell.

Like he thought the comments of a TV comedian were going to bring down his business enterprise.

Thin skinned. I want someone with a thicker skin when dealing with Rouhani of Iran or King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

I want someone who’s at least been involved in government politics on a city level, and I don’t mean fighting city council over your property taxes.

Trump should continue in politics. I read his platform. He has good ideas. I think he needs some experience under his belt ( and a filter for his mouth).

He should run again in eight years.

I might soften up enough to vote for him

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5 responses to “I Will Leave The Country

  1. Usually, your gut instinct (the first one), is the correct one. And you don’t want to come to Canada! We have our own Idiot Savant over here: Stephen Harper. He ruined this country! I have serious doubts about his survival if he gets in again. And he probably will… It’s not like 4 or 8 years like you’ve got down there. Up here, you can wind up being Prime Minister for decades! Trudue (True-Doe) was Prime Minister for 22 years! BTW, I didn’t properly thank you for liking my blog entry! I did enjoy that you liked it so much… So, thank you!

  2. Oh good lord. Stephen Harper did ruin Canada. Statements like that are hyperbolic and ignorant. Canada is about the same now as it was twenty years ago. Our political parties are interchangeable and basically the same. The members “cross the floor” and change parties on a fairly regular basis.
    My problem is Trump is stupid. I want the leader of the free world to be able to appreciate and grasp the subtle shades of grey that compose the world wide political landscape. A man who thinks on a binary level is a stupid man and thus a dangerous man.

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