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Jumping Ship

on September 2, 2015


Last Friday was one of those rare days when we actually had 80% of the surgery patients out by 1:15. That leaves time to chart and get out when you are supposed to. And to make it even better I had snagged the only desk top computer at the station (The others are wall mounted in front of each bay – you must stand — not pleasant after having been on your feet for seven hours already).

So there I am, doing my thing, when our manager, several feet to my right, clears her throat and calls everyone over.

I’m content to spin to the right. I’m not giving up this chair. This is probably going to be a “huddle.” We haven’t had one in a while. We’re probably going to be reminded to do the online mandatory education courses.

“This won’t take too long guys. Well, uh…”

Uh oh, here it comes. I wasn’t sure when, but I knew it was happening. She’s leaving. She said something to me last week like “… I won’t be here forever…”

Before she made that statement, I’d already noticed the distance she was putting between herself and us. I also noticed that she took a week’s vacation after having taken over a week off to help after a death in the family two months earlier. People that are thinking about leaving do the opposite of hoarding vacation time. They also have elective surgery for problems you rarely heard them complain about.

One nurse started to quietly cry. Two had their mouths wide open.

Mine didn’t drop open until she explained that she is still to be employed by our hospital, she just won’t be our manager. She is going to “seek out a new opportunity” I think she said.

She just doesn’t want to be our manager. Well, what do you know? Our area has the highest number of overtime hours, the highest percent in productivity, four months straight for being in the top ten percent nationally for patient satisfaction and …

She doesn’t want to be our manager. Hmm.

I can’t help but wonder if she’s seen some iceberg up ahead and is doing this to save her own skin.

I’m not interested in doing some Jack and Rose number on a broken railing in freezing water. I’m going to start sniffing around when everyone thinks I’m taking my lunch break.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to find out who’s playing cards and not looking out ahead, who built up our staff without looking for weaknesses in the structure.

That, and count the number of life boats.

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