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When The Cat’s Away…

on November 5, 2015


“What do you mean I have to sign this consent form?”

I looked at his face for some sign that this was his dry sense of humor.

He didn’t move a muscle. His mouth was slack as if air was just sifting in and out — deciding whether to enter his respiratory tract.

“Sir, this consent is specific to the surgery you need. And the one below, that is for anesthesia. I’m sure you want anesthesia.” I said this with sincerity.

“Well, um..”

“Missy, I signed consent for treatment downstairs when they took my money. So you can do whatever you want!”

“Sir, would you like me to get someone from registration to explain the consent for treatment form for you?”

“Hell no!”

I had two choices: I could sit down, read the fine print of the “consent for treatment” form in his chart, and then explain the difference in the papers to the best of my ability or I could call his wife. She had dropped him off and left in order to keep her scheduled doctor’s appointment.

I watched him tug at his paper gown and jab his finger at the channel button on the T.V.

Turning around, I was headed to a phone at the desk when I saw his beloved walking toward me from the west entrance.

“Hi!, Is everything okay? We didn’t expect to see you until after his surgery.”

I followed her back to the bay of my cantankerous patient.

He gave her a gigantic smile, and waving me over, said to her “My nurse here just has some forms for me to sign, and then we can sit and watch T.V together. Sweetie, you didn’t skip your appointment for me now, did you?”


4 responses to “When The Cat’s Away…

  1. Basil Rene says:

    I would not say he was cantankerous but rather manipulative. Probably a sociopath.

    • Susan says:

      You’re right about the manipulative thing. Sociopath, hmm, clear something up for me and my coworkers
      During a long colonoscopy, we started a conversation that got on the subject of whether a certain coworker was a sociopath or a psychopath. What, in your opinion, is the defining difference?

      • Basil Rene says:

        Funny you should ask me that as I have been reading a lot about sociopathic behavior recently as I am convinced that I have a very close relative that is one. From my understanding, although the two terms are used interchangeably, there is one key thing that differentiates the two. They are both missing the part of the brain (physically missing it) that is where we have a conscience and compassion. They are both completely incapable of having a conscience, feeling or expressing love. They are the best manipulators there are and will charm the pants off anyone to get what they need. Most people are easily fooled by their charms, but there are those that can see right through their facade (me for one) and sometimes that can be dangerous. And here is the one key difference, to my understanding of the two. The sociopath rarely is dangerous physically. They will try to sabotage you at work without a thought. The psychopath will probably kill you. Think of it as the sociopath that crosses the line is the psychopath. He’s the one plotting how to kill you slowly in your his basement. I saw an awesome movie that beautifully shows the transition of a sociopath to a psychopath. It’s called “Home Sweet Hell”. It’s a dark comedy but so clearly shows sociopathic into psychopathic behavior. And that’s my opinion 😀

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