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on November 18, 2015

Every now and then, there is a sweet spot in your day when you can have lunch with a coworker and it’s deliberate, not just because they had ten minutes left on their lunch as you were walking into the break room. I had that kind of lunch yesterday with a coworker who’s become a friend and mentor.

So we had a chance to chat — something came up about the holidays, parties, and I mentioned how I’d like to have a date for these events. I even went so far to mention a paramedic from the ER of whom I’ve had the pleasure of running into a handful of times.

Without allowing my coworker to interject or share how she and her spouse approach the holidays, I went into a long description of the qualities I hope Mr. Paramedic has. I was very specific right down to the limit of how much I wanted him to work out, what kind of sense of humor I preferred, and a body type I had a preference for, how I hoped he was a ‘city’ guy.

It might have been the carbs.  I was feasting on garlic mashed potatoes and brisket. A chocolate chip cookie lay by my right hand. Saying exactly what I wanted without editing it felt good. And I felt good, or full at least. I would go back to the unit quite satiated.

My coworker — she was looking at my like, okay, here we go, let it out sister, go grab your man. When I finally stopped and took a breath, she grinned — probably thought I was crazy

I didn’t care.

Then, lunch was over.

We went back and thirty minutes later, I changed my mind about what I want in a man.

She was being admitted into the bay next to mine. Her automatic wheelchair was the modest kind, not the $6,000 blow through the straw move in all directions kind. And judging by her body tone and absence of lines on her face, she couldn’t have been more than thirty-two.

With her was her husband. I knew that by the way he kept his hand lightly on her shoulder and brushed loose hairs out of her eyes. I have big ears, so I knew she was there for facet blocks.

A couple of times I had to pass them to get supplies, and each time I noticed that he was always making eye contact with her. From my bay, I could also hear them occasionally laugh, hmm, more like guffaw, as if they had a secret none of the rest of us knew, and we were the silly ones.

So let’s edit that list of mine.

I want someone who stays. No matter what.

9 responses to “Edit

  1. The test of a true bond is when they stay no matter what.

  2. I really liked this one.

  3. jsneese62 says:

    I enjoyed reading this and I think it is because I can relate to it. I am not wheelchair bound yet, but the man you described the second time is the kind of man I now have in my life. When I was younger and much healthier I did not realize just how important it is to have a man that will stay no matter what. Now I value him as much as I value myself because I he stays with me and takes care of me no matter what. When I contracted influenza B from his brain dead friend and ended up in the hospital with the influenza, pneumonia (second time in 6 months), and Sepsis (second time in 6 months) he stayed in the ER with me even though he had worked all night and was coming down with the flu as well. I was placed in a private room because I was contagious and he couldn’t come to see me because he was really sick and was contagious too, however he spent every minute he could on the phone with me making me laugh and feel better though I knew he felt like crap and even missed 2 or 3 days of work, but he was more concerned with making me feel better than himself. That is the kind of man every woman should want and every woman should strive to be the same for a man like that. Can you imagine what the world would be like if men and women actually concentrated on caring for each other versus them expecting the other one to do it all?

    • Susan says:

      Please forgive me for the delay in responding to you. I saw your comments via my phone near the end of a work day and was so flattered that you took so much time to read several of my entries.
      I am so happy that you have someone so special in your life, especially with what you have to deal with. I see him there at your side in your picture and it makes me smile.

      • jsneese62 says:

        It is no problem at all I know life gets busy. I like the way you write and so it is enjoyable to read your thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. Thank you and he is very special man and after leaving my second abusive husband and moving to Texas I thought I was going to remain single. I did in fact for 6 years after I came here, but I think it was important that I did because it allowed me to filter through and deal with all the baggage left over by the first two. If I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t appreciate Dwight the way I do. Thank you it is feels good to finally be with someone that cares about me.

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