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This Shouldn’t Hurt

on December 10, 2015


“Living alone has its moments of self-pity and paranoia.”


It was the third sentence in the sixth paragraph of chapter two in The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes. And the truth of it made me gasp.

I’ve done the living alone part for several years. I get it.

I also know that you can be in a room with dozens of people and still feel alone. Its vogue now – they call us “Introverts”. I like “Empaths” ( Thank you )

I almost stopped reading.

I know that good writing is supposed to do this, make you feel more human, but that ‘humanness’ comes with pain.

It is also quoted in several writing journals that you not only need to write much, you need to read much.

And reading, as noted above, brings pain.

So, to write well means to be willing to be in pain.



12 responses to “This Shouldn’t Hurt

  1. irtfyblog says:

    “So, to write well means to be willing to be in pain.” – sometimes, but not every time. 🙂

    • Susan says:

      I sometimes struggle with the willingness to be transparent.

      • irtfyblog says:

        🙂 Join the club! lol and there’s nothing wrong with that. All of us bloggers and writers have that same problem from time to time. The one thing you have to remember is that you have a audience, and what you write might be misconstrued or taken out of context by some of those in the audience who don’t really know you. So having that struggle with the willingness to be transparent isn’t such a bad thing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes what you want to say, but can’t, isn’t what your readers need to hear at that moment.

  2. DM says:

    This post reminded me from a line out of my favorite movie….”We read to know we are not alone…”

  3. Imay says:

    I find my best writing muse when I am in pain.

  4. jsneese62 says:

    I am an introvert by nature and I also have anxiety disorder and social anxiety, but having said that I hate being alone as in completely alone. I just cannot function in big social things and the more people around me the worse the anxiety becomes and it has even made me physically ill before. I have to see my pain specialist once a month like it or not in order to get my medication and when I get home I go to sleep for several hours because it wears me out completely and I know it probably sounds odd that a visit to the doctor can wipe a person out but it does. I have had people tell me things like “If you just got out more that would go away!” Um no that actually makes it even worse. I don’t mind getting together with one or two friends, but crowds are out for the most part because I just cannot handle it. My chronic pain has also effected my anxiety because most people don’t understand it and usually think I am either attention seeking or that that it is all in my head. I remember when I was diagnosed with both anxiety disorders it was painful to read it in black and white to know that it was really real. I do think pain makes us learn about ourselves though such as I have learned that I can control how I react to pain, that I can teach others how to deal with their chronic pain, and that pain does not always have to be a negative thing.

  5. being with so many people and feeling along is the worst.

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