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The Family That Plays Together…

on December 13, 2015

“Girls, do you think you’ll get the tree up by Friday?” The Director asked in the kindest way.

We kept stuffing papers into charts, filling out Universal Protocol sheets, and looking for H&P’s on the total joint cases for the next day. Partly out of embarrassment of not having it up and partly because, well, the charts had to be done, some of us avoided eye contact with her (I was one of them).

“We’ll do our best,” came from the nurse who stayed later than most of us quite frequently.

Ten minutes after she left, as we continued to work, a peer from surgery came around with her laptop.

“I’ve got five minutes then I need to get back.”

She hollered out for the spelling of peoples last names, repeated the date we were going, and reminded everyone how much it was going to cost.

We all had questions.

“Will they provide bullets?

“Will they have ear muffs? It’s going to be loud.”

“Can we keep our targets?”

We have bonded over food, people’s successes, people’s pains, and the pure craziness of life as a nurse.

It was certainly going to be different, a group outing to a gun range for a “first timers” lesson.

And we did get the Christmas tree up the next day 🙂


5 responses to “The Family That Plays Together…

  1. DM says:

    sweet! Reminds me of a visit to our house from a fellow blogger . She was a lawyer, Never fired a gun in her life. I suggested she needed to shoot my pistol grip 12 gauge shot gun while she was here; she wore ear protection/ and she told me later/ it was one of the highlights of her visit. Sounds like you have a fun group of people to work with.

  2. mreedmccall says:

    Wow! Interesting to have target practice as a group. What inspired that choice of activities (mutual interest…or god-forbid, a sense of necessity)?

    Is The Director a male, BTW? I was just struck by the use of the term “girls” in the initial question. It always strikes me when I hear “girls” used to address adult women (and I admit I’m attuned to gender issues because it’s part of what I teach). In my experience and understanding, rarely if ever will any supervisor, male or female, address a group of adult males with the term “boys”. It’s usually considered insulting to the men…but for some reason it’s not assumed to be insulting to call women “girls”.

    It also struck me that while I can far too easily envision a supervisor asking a group of females to put up a Christmas tree, I CAN’T image a supervisor talking to a group of grown men and saying “Boys, is that tree going up today?”, expecting them to put up and decorate the office (or school, or hospital etc.) Christmas tree in addition to their regular (and presumably time-consuming and important) duties. In what job situation might that happen? I can’t think of any, to be honest.

    These are the kinds of discussions my students and I sometimes have in our studies of gender and culture. I find it enlightening, but maybe I’m just too attuned to that stuff. Have a great time at your target shooting! 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Oh my gosh, your comment is so eye-opening and I love it! We don’t have any males nurses on our unit and I work in a hospital that sits closer to the rural area of Central Florida, thus you pick up some of the colloquialisms of southern speech ( which I’ve learned over time involves a more casual tone than that of my New York and Boston relatives.
      Your note makes me want to put down my perception of how male nurses are treated different than female nurses. I’ve got 29 years in nursing on me – enough to give substance to my opinion.
      In all fairness, I often hear our group referenced as ladies, and, hehe, when we are mad about something, our muttering out of patients ears is anything but lady-like — hence the target practice 🙂
      It’s a first for most of us, and started out as a joke about it being a way to get rid of work tension. Someone finally said one day “Why don’t we really go, lets do it as a group!”
      It’s tomorrow evening. I feel weird that it’s around Christmas, but then, we are also each bringing in one nonperishable a day until the 24th and sending a big box to a food bank – kind of an Advent food collection thing!

  3. jsneese62 says:

    I will have to admit I hate Christmas trees if I have to put it up or take it down. Of course I did it for many years for my kids and I grew to hate it more every year. I also have cats so they do not go well together because cats like playing with everything on the tree. Climbing the tree, scratching the tree, and knocking it over with a crash in the middle of the night. I have not had a Christmas tree in 10 years and I am perfectly fine with that lol. Other people have tried to make me feel guilty so I look them right in the eye and say “Bah Humbug!” and then laugh at them. I am sure they think I am crazy and well they are probably right and I am fine with that lol.

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