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A cholecystectomy for Christmas

on December 24, 2015

That’s what my first patient today got.

Christmas eve is the only excuse for having a total of two surgeries on our schedule. The second patient was a hip pinning – a holiday related accident. The sweetest eight-four year old smiled as I went to her bedside to meet her and quickly explained that she tripped trying to step over a roll of wrapping paper.

Then a couple of cases were added on.

Number three, a guy with a fish bone somewhere in his small intestine, was in good spirits. He offered up that it was Halibut, and it was his favorite fish, so he was going to keep eating it.

People got itchy to go home, weren’t sure why they were there.

The last patient was thirty-six, intubated, and had four drains removing body fluids and exudate. It all started with a simple surgery two weeks ago.

We know why we’re here. Everyone gets their turn at working Christmas day.

It could be worse.

4 responses to “A cholecystectomy for Christmas

  1. mikah257 says:

    Thanks for being there for those who need you–even on Christmas Eve.

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