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The Color Run

on February 16, 2016


“Susan, you’re doing the Color Run also, right?”

“Ah, sure.”

Crap. Why did I say that?

I’m not a runner. Doing that requires accelerating my body to a speed that is incompatible with the Zen-like state I prefer to maintain. And there’s the sweating. How am I supposed to meet a hot single guy if thirty minutes after showing up I look like I’ve spent two hours doing yard work!

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in exercise. But if God wanted me to run, I really believe he would have given my different feet, you know, with toes that point straight ahead, and knee joints that didn’t feel like pieces of clay falling apart after the first half mile.

See, I have a wonderful relationship with elliptical #5 at the gym. I call him Spidey and see him two to three times a week. He sits right in front of the T.V that’s always playing either “Castle” or The Kardashians’” (I’m inspired by a writer/detective duo and amused by the silliness of millionaire’s wasting time taking countless selfies)

Before my panic level grew too high, the charge nurse, oh our ever so angelic charge nurse said something that saved the day.

“Susan, I’ll be walking it. Let’s walk it together!”


Like I said, I love my job.

3 responses to “The Color Run

  1. DM says:

    You are so funny. love that line: “:Doing that requires accelerating my body to a speed that is incompatible with the Zen-like state I prefer to maintain.” As far as sweaty scaring off some cute dude..Any dude worth keeping is going to look first and foremost @ your heart. I’m serious. Too many cute jocks on the football team marry the cute cheer leader type and end up despising each other because they married the image and not the real person. When Mrs DM and I celebrated our 25th anniversary, we were so past trying to portray an image neither one of us really was, …We talked and decided to keep it real and renewed our vows in blue jeans. Danced the night away to live music in our barn. Everybody has to figure out what that looks like for themselves.

    • Susan says:

      With your sharing of such a sweet memory you inspire me to continue the efforts to keep it real. I’ll jog, walk, bicycle to keep my heart strong and my brain fog-less enough to weed out anyone too image conscious and not willing to let down their guard.

  2. Karen says:

    Walking counts!

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