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Nurse On The Loose

on March 3, 2016

There are times when I’m not a very nice nurse and I’m not apologetic about it. It usually involves my family.

Case in point: As I dropped off my Mom and Dad at the ER entrance last night, I told my Dad to let the vomit land on the floor — he’d get taken back sooner.

When he was being seen by the triage nurse and a little too weary  to answer the questions as quick as they came, I gave the nurse my Eat $#%! and Die stare. I was ready to let my Mom loose on her.

Then, as he  sat with a headache bringing him close to tears, I casually mentioned to the receptionist that his pressure was close to 200/100 and asked if the triage nurse could recheck his pressure. I wanted her to roll a portable machine out to him, the goal being to emphasize that he needed monitoring. It worked. The triage nurse came out  with a wheelchair and took him to room 16.

Once he was seen by a physician, my Mom and I tag teamed hovering at the doorway ( she more than me – she’s inquisitive by nature). We stared at each medical person that walked by. I know this is annoying because I’ve been on the other side of it. Oh well…

It was an allergic reaction to a Betadine eye wash post an ophthalmic injection.

He is fine now.

I would say and do all the same things again in a heart beat.

9 responses to “Nurse On The Loose

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Once you know how to play the game you can work to your favor. 😉

  2. Let me know when you release the hacker´s guide to the ER. I am ready to buy.

  3. Beth says:

    There is a “Super Bug” going around the East Coast. When I first read the symptoms I feared your dad might have. Patients who have it cannot stop vomiting for a week or more, and they cannot even keep down a drink of water to rehydrate. It looks like “knowing what gets attention” helped your dad find help faster. Good for you!

    You probably remember my mentioning my granddaughter’s woes in her department. She fully understands your blog title now. Two or three days there was a man who was actually doing quite well for a heart surgery patient, but his wife was not. Why is it more irritating when women curse?

    • Susan says:

      Stressed out family members are usually, in my opinion, that way due to fear…fear of the unknown. Faith in what we can’t see is the answer.

  4. This brings back (very) bad memories. You’re a great daughter.

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