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Even In Nursing??

on April 9, 2016

In the March issue of Time magazine there is a small article entitled “How the Pay Gap Hurts Women’s Financial Security”. There are fourteen categories, one is Registered Nurses. According to the Census Bureau analysis (2008 to 2012) by Time, women earn less at every age range, starting at 15% and elevating up to 38%.

I’ve been a nurse for thirty years. To say it is a predominantly female profession is an understatement. Spotting a male nurse is like seeing one of those albino zebra’s in Africa. And before some of you say What about ER nurse?, they’re usually paramedics hanging around between ambulance runs to pick up patients.

Seeing this article and knowing that we women rule nursing as far as getting the job done AND that we still get less pay — it’s like rubbing salt in a raw wound.

I was grumbling the other day about being pushed into more committee work and feeling ceremonially tapped for more leadership duties, but maybe it’s time.

Time to get heard.

10 responses to “Even In Nursing??

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Yes, time to get heard for sure.

  2. mikah257 says:

    I was just having a discussion with a young woman getting an advanced degree in public health. When I told her that I was a feminist (not sure how it came up), she said that she was uncomfortable with the word because, after all, everyone already knows that women and men are equal, so why do women have to have a special word for it? I said, until 90% of the world actually does believe that men and women are equal, I’ll continue to be a feminist.

  3. I’d take those reports with a grain of salt. They aren’t entirely accurate and I would honestly make the bold statement that “currently” female nurses make far more than male nurses. As you said, the field is dominated by women and those pay scales are skewed due to their age and how they are taken. I don’t pay those reports any mind. The same report will try and tell me that I also have “privilege” as an Asian male in America. Rubbish.

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