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Pawssible Misdial

on April 19, 2016

“ASU, Susan. May I help you?”

“Yes, how much do you ______ for ______ _______ ?”

Background noise. Ughh

“I’m so sorry. I couldn’t hear you clearly.”

“How much does it cost for vaccines for cats, vaccines and tetanus shots?”

“Ah, um…”

Her question diffused the tension of the day. Immediately.

“Madam, you’ve reached a hospital.” I waited for the stuttering apology.

“I know.”

She sounded perturbed by my response.

“For people. A hospital for people.”


Now I could feel the awkwardness through the phone and smug was the best way to describe my insides.

But she still got the last word.

“Well, how much do you think they’d cost anyway?”

We laughed at the same time and I told her that if she could get a cat to the pre-op area without being caught, I’d see what I could do!


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