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Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk

on June 12, 2016

logn legs         At first I avoided him.

I heard he was a health fanatic and feared he’d zone in my occasional insecurities about the extra twenty pounds that roll on and off my body. I didn’t want to get on my Hashimoto’s pedestal or go into a whiny defense about the sedative effect of cardiac meds Flecainide and Bisoprolol.  I wanted him to ask about my writing, my awesome daughter, or where to get good sushi!


I got to admit, I always appreciate meeting people that put 100% into living, sharing, and teaching about things that have a positive health benefit, and do it in a way that reflects sincerity, a respect for individual needs, and a self-depreciating humor.

John is that guy! He’s one of our anesthetist at work and below is the link to his site

It’s easy to scoff at the celebrities with “hard bodies”. You say to yourself, They have private cooks and trainers They don’t work all day…

This guy works all day, takes hospital ( that means staying 24 hours), has two kids, a wife who expects his help on all fronts ( and she should, says this feminist J ), and still makes his health a priority.

Kudos to you John!

Check it out:



7 responses to “Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk

  1. K Burrowsfield says:

    Susan, Sweet of you to write out your props to John;) It’s Sunday and all over the news is the Pulse terror attack – very upsetting. I thought you were at ORMC – are you int e building where they are treating victims?



    • Susan says:

      Thank you for asking. I work in a sister hospital on the west side of Colonial. I do work in surgical services – I’m sure we will be loaning out staff this week as needed.

  2. I hope all is well Susan! 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    I’m o.k. Our downtown hospital received the injured from the mass shooting and called in all ER staff available to help. I’m praying that the death count doesn’t go any higher.

    Over the last week I’ve been bemoaning my daughter moving to New York for her new job. The horrendous shooting puts it in a different perspective.

  4. I understand the worrying. I would do the same. But I grew up with graffiti and crime in my Queens neighborhood (and as a little girl, flashers). For better or worse, you get used to it. I hope she at least is liking it there.

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