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on January 1, 2017

fireblogLast night I set my regrets on fire; a small flame, a single curl of smoke – that’s all it fostered. Like the wagging tongue of a child, it momentarily taunted me, but then I thought, No.

There were too many joyous experiences from 2016 to let a few misgivings piggyback into 2017.

What I learned most from this last  year is that letting go, for me, needs to  be a daily practice. No more holding things in ( or up). It’s not some kind of measure of my character.

Besides, no one’s ever asked me to hold anything in.


7 responses to “Regrets

  1. Christy says:

    Yes, it is a daily practice but easy to hang onto stuff we need to let go of. Happy New Year!

  2. D says:

    I haven’t been able to read well for months & having corrective laser procedure Jan 31 so haven’t been able to keep up with blogs. To write a post in mine I use a dictating app. Having said that, I happen to be a passenger from n the car this morning so have my iPhone practically stuck to my face. The opening lines of the email for this post drew me in; absolutely wonderful! You’ve managed to say so much with relatively few words. Very enjoyable!
    PS: If you see a red mark it might be 💄

  3. writerinsoul says:

    It is so easy to haul around emotional debris that serves us absolutely no purpose. And every now & then something rears up and you think, “wait a minute, I thought I was DONE with this.”

    Good post.

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