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on February 19, 2017

bicepJust when I was reaching a low point in my self discipline regarding exercise, hope came at 0900 this last Wednesday. “Hope” ( can’t   tell you his real name) walked down the hall, quadriceps flexing, causing a rivet of wrinkling in his Bermuda shorts, his arms jutting out from his side. A chest that must have measured almost two yards made it impossible for his arms to drop lower toward his hips.

Breezing through his history to confirm the main reason for his visit, I saw the word ‘bodybuilder’.

No kidding.

I stayed oh so professional until a coworker that recognized him from her gym, stopped and said “Hello”. Then the Anesthesiologist came. He made reference to how long ‘Hope’ would have to wait before returning to his workout regime.

I was mesmerized by his muscles. No funny stuff here people. Half a century ago I was an athlete. It was all respect. All respect. But I dropped the bar a little just before starting his IV. I asked him to flex his arm for me.

He did.

And I’ve been to the gym every day since. 🙂

18 responses to “Shameless

  1. DM says:

    Love it!

    • Susan says:

      They were like, the size of my thighs! Crazy!

      • DM says:

        Motivation is an art. What motivates one person does not motivate the next. I sometimes try to pin point what “lights the fire” in me when I feel it. (motivated) Being around people who are passionate or motivated is contagious, fun post !

  2. D says:

    I second DM in that I love it as well!! My legs have gone to heck in a hay basket. You know we nurses might lose out trim waists etc but our legs are always strong from so much walking (and at times running) down the halls. I haven’t worked since I instituted that ‘legal matter’ but hiked an snowshoed so my legs remained strong. **Note I didn’t say glamorous as in Betty Grable legs but strong. However I’ve barely done anything since early 2015 because of not being able to see my own floor!😜I refused to go outside to hang up clothes etc because living in such a rural setting our lawn in not perfectly flat. It was bad enough to fall in the house over a dog chew toy so walking down the road was out of the question as was snowshoeing last winter. FINALLY had right eye corrected 2 weeks ago and the difference is amazing. Only now I realize how weak my legs are. I sort of have a weebles wobble walk. Getting the left eye done this week after which I want to start off by walking as I’ve done all the leg exercises possible inside. Then if they’re strong enough I’ll tackle trail snowshoeing but save backcountry for next winter. And hopefully will lose the 25# I’ve gained as I refuse to buy more clothes. BTW, are you anywhere near Orlando? I ask because I might be attending something there late March and in Maine, we still have snow until end of April so have no clue what type of clothing to wear/bring. It’s in Orange County. I haven’t been to FL since the late 70’s. Thx!

  3. Christy says:

    That’s funny! Wonder what it would take to get me more motivated? I’m glad He sent someone your way to get you more motivated 🙂

  4. joey says:

    The first truly long walk I’ve taken in months came today. That’s my motivation. I dunno who was tired first — me, or my dog! Sadly, I don’t think motivation usually comes this early in the calendar, either.

    • Susan says:

      Knowing the extra weight is tough on my low back and knees also contributed to the new commitment to the gym workouts. I’m kind of lucky, living in Florida, never housebound due to extreme weather ( sans hurricane warnings).

  5. george agak says:

    Muscles? Wow..This morning I wrote this on my facebook wall. ” This is for those men of the Gym, The secret of love is money, muscles are just a weighty burden” . I guess I should change that now. Lol!

  6. Ha ha. Somehow it really helps seeing others have done it.

    • Susan says:

      I’ve since convinced myself that it was good for his ego that I made the request. All in the name of good nursing, ha!

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