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What’s the first sound you hear in the morning?

on April 1, 2017

Last week was a long week, and I began Friday morning not with a sense of enthusiasm for the tasks to come, but with only a steely resolve  to stay focused and give good nursing care.

My first patient broke  through my guarded demeanor in the most wonderful way.

Her care involved me getting a nurse specialist to come from the third floor to do one  task.

Within five minutes of her arrival, I heard the steady wavelike swish with a regular pop-like drum sound every  half a second coming from behind the curtain.

They’re fetal heart tones, and if you’re not one to find coffee as the salve to getting through the day, I’d say this is actually a better deal. ( This is one of those cool perks to being a nurse.

*My patient was there for a procedure to help her carry her baby to term.

Fetal heart tones, when you hear them, sync with yours. Even if it is not you carrying the baby. There is a power behind them. I could sit here at the computer for hours and still not figure out how to describe it. All I can say is…

My day improved tenfold.

7 responses to “What’s the first sound you hear in the morning?

  1. joey says:

    Usually an alarm, Susan 😦 Sometimes birds 🙂

    I love this little anecdote — magical stuff.

  2. Daria Kill says:

    That is a beautiful story.

  3. Susan says:

    Oops! Haste makes waste – thanks for catching this!

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