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I should have been with patients.

on April 23, 2017

So, last week I went to a one day mandatory retreat related to a work committee. The two main topics were How to Organize and Complete Projects and the second, Communication.

Interesting fact learned in the first hour: Success is 90 % communication.

Interesting fact learned in fifth hour: Proportion of time spent on communication for projects: 90%

I’m okay with the first fact, the second one, eh, no. Not okay.

If the group is comprised of professionals, or, people that like to think they are “professionals”, why is the proportion of time so high for communication from beginning to end of project. I see the need at the beginning, but what about initiative? Independent follow through?

Grown-ups that need to be spoon fed, are one of my least favorite things. (I give the new nurse, fresh out of school, exception to this attitude of mine.)

The words ‘self-starter’, ‘autonomy’, ‘follow through’…oh, oh, my favorite.. Accountability.

I should have stood up, gotten on one of the tables, and demanded we talk about accountability.

Right after the CNO left, yep, right after she gave the intro for the visiting speakers then left.

It would have been memorable.

6 responses to “I should have been with patients.

  1. BETH says:

    There is almost NO accountability in any field these days–not medicine, not education, not government in particular.

  2. BETH says:

    The doctors and nurses in my family seem to slave away, day in and day out, but the “powers that be” could care less that a lift is not provided to turn a 300 lb. heart surgery patient.

    • Susan says:

      An out of work employee ( or two) post back surgery is unfortunately what it would take for some reconsideration of addressing this need! It’s a win-win to supply lifts, hover pads, etc…safe patient care, less injury, minimal staff adjustments due to sick days.

  3. Jim says:

    oh, she must had had a … ummm … a conflicting … yeh, that’s it … a conflicting appointment hence her early departure.

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