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Matchmaking: This’ll make sense in the end.

on October 31, 2017

So, after taking a certification exam for the second time and NOT passing, I quietly moped. My coworker respected my fragile state of self esteem by not bring it  up upon my return to work. It’s taken three weeks for me to shake the blah feeling off.

Earlier this week, passing the Director’s office ( a very warm person who always keeps her door open), I slowed and in a  deliberately exaggerated way, described the event and my feelings afterward. She stood and walked with me back toward my department. She did what all directors are trained to do, she  encouraged me to not give up, to try a different style of studying. At almost the same time, we both said “shadowing anesthesia”. Ketamine, Succinylcholine, Etomidate – yep, side effects of these meds are on the Nurse certification exam for CAPA.

It  made sense. Hang out with the OR people.

“Susan, I  think you should shadow Hank”

Hank, a sixty-five year old CRNA salt of the earth, nicest and I mean nicest guy, is a recent widow. Yeah, that’ll work, shadow a CRNA that has probably never grumbled at anyone.

Here is where things went wonky.

” You two should meet up for coffee or a casual dinner place and talk.”


I redirected the conversation and  commented maybe on a slow day I could switch to education pay on the time clock as to minimize the cost of extra time at work. Her response was, ” No, I think you should meet outside of work.” That made no sense in regards to being in a learning environment.

We were now at the entrance to my department.  The last thing she said was ” It’d be a shame if you didn’t follow up on that idea.”

I did a great job hiding how uncomfortable I was with the undertone of her suggestion. Widow. Age difference. Coworker. Not playing where you work. Being pretty sure Hank did not appreciate R&B music…

She’s not the first at work  to have an interest in determining the course of my love life.

I just want to do my job.


6 responses to “Matchmaking: This’ll make sense in the end.

  1. Oh boy. Sounds like they mean well.
    As for the exam, have you decided what kind of learner you are? That is, auditory, visual, spatial, tactile, etc?

    • Susan says:

      The exam is all situational questions and I’m a tactile learner. I think that’s the problem. Contraindications regarding anesthetics for example – I’m not an anesthetist – don’t give those medicines.
      That’s why I read through the suggestion to shadow. Meeting outside work – would only work if we bumped in to paramedics in need of help on the way to dinner 🙂

  2. pawprintsandmint says:

    I hope you have done well on your next exam – if you haven’t yet then I wish you good luck ! The medical field is so interesting.. my aunt was an or nurse, while my mom is a housekeeper for the or in British Columbia.. and my soon to be husband is currently in medical school preparing to take the USMLE 1. It’s amazing how much work and studying you always need to do when in this field, and it’s hard work for sure

    • pawprintsandmint says:

      * and lol to the subtle matchmaking

    • Susan says:

      Oh, wow – thanks !
      I almost feel foolish, like ‘everyone else has a life and all I’m doing is studying for this test’, but then, deep down, I know I’m doing this for me, not just to appease the hospital’s desire for all RNs to have specialty certification.
      But, three times…that’s the limit, seriously!

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