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Dear Daughter

on February 22, 2018

writing letter

Dear Daughter,

At least thirty-eight random people (patients I’ve readied for surgery) know where you live. 

I can’t help it.

See, when I meet them, they change, and they’re lying there after I’ve put them on the monitors, started IV’s, etc., I make casual conversation. I want them to be a little distracted. I don’t quiz them on the discharge planning I’ve initiated. I mean, they’re going to go under general anesthesia in under an hour. I don’t need to add test anxiety to the list of their issues.

So, sometimes the “You born here?” “You a native?” “I hear an accent” results in me hearing them say,” I’m from New York” “Was born in Brooklyn” “From Long Island” and that’s when it happens…

I miss you.

And, as if to feel a little closer to you, I spit out your address.

“My daughter lives there.” (I like to tell them Manhattan. It’s cosmopolitan, which I think you are. ) “She’s at 31___   East _______ “

May can’t get here fast enough!


7 responses to “Dear Daughter

  1. Aww. You’re such a sweet mom! Hopefully they’re or stalkers or anything. One of my patients searched me on google as I was about to do an ekg. At least I knew about it!

    • Susan says:

      Eh, well, my last name is not on my badge, and I never reference my daughter by name. To most outside of immediate family she’s referred to, rightfully, as ‘The Princess’ : )

  2. Elaine VonRosenstiel says:

    So sweet. So loving.

  3. Beth says:

    We mothers just can’t get enough perks from our kids can we? We absolutely have to see them in person every chance we get. That’s so much better than wishing they would go away forever!

  4. Christy says:

    So sweet…like a touch closer. I worry about giving an address even if you think they won’t remember it. Sorry, you know I just hear way too many stories. Part of me wants to black out some of the info you wrote above. lol

    • Susan says:

      technically, I only start to spout her street. And I hope it makes you feel a little comfort in knowing my badge does not have my last name on it, and as a rule we don’t give out employees last names to anyone.

  5. LOL. Ok, I thought that was a bit too much that you give our address, but at least not her full name with it.

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