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March Moment

on March 24, 2018

hit on head

“I don’t like needles.”

Twenty-one. Probably his first. Unless he’s donated blood.

“Thanks for letting me know. Most don’t. We use lidocaine. Just like at the dentist. It ‘ll make it less painful.”

“If it hurts at all, I’m going to punch someone.”

I waited to hear a laugh. No laugh.

Twenty-one. 6’4”. Long reach. Sculpted biceps.


“I’ll be right back.”

brrinng brrinng

“Hello. Anesthesia. I have a patient that I need help with starting his IV.”


This is the only time I have bailed on a patient.

6 responses to “March Moment

  1. joey says:

    Erring on the side of being decked is a good call here. No one likes needles, do they? I had the best phlebotomist in the world until she retired. I hope she’s having a great time, but I miss her. lol Now when I go, it’s a mystery situation. Will I leave smiling, or bruised? Either way, the coffee tastes awfully good after 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Hmm, well, there is that over the counter cold ‘ish’ spray for muscle aches. It has a little numbing stuff in the mix. I wonder if it helps with tough sticks. I’m going to check it out . ( Will make donating blood a less painful experience)

  2. Jackie says:

    I love your blog! Great to read stories from nurses point of view, helps those of us who are patients understand your job. Since I am a huge needle phobic I totally understand the going man’s fear. I think it was quick thinking on your part to enlist the side of anesthesia. Any advice for those of us facing the dreaded IV before surgery? Numbing cream has never been very effective…

  3. Susan says:

    Hmm, well, we use lidocaine in a tiny tuberculin syringe. It feels like a bee sting ( I’ve had it done – best descriptor there is)
    We put a small bleb under the skin right by where we’re starting the IV.
    Ask for it!
    I know ER’s are under a different time crunch, they have to move fast.
    Here’s a thought If you have surgery coming up – ask them to use a # 20, not an #18 ( numbers and sizes are reversed, bigger the number, smaller the needle).

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Susan!
      Really appreciate your reply . I always feel like such an overgrown baby about needles,unfortunately I’ve run into some staff that seem to feel the same way! Yikes!
      I will definately ask about the needle size the next time!!
      BTW LOVE your blog,you gave a great gift for writing!

      • Susan says:

        Thanks ! Feeling a little overwhelmed lately – work taking the steam out of having energy to write much – support from my WordPress family helps!

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