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Rules of Engagement

on October 28, 2018


Despite having a re-torn bicep and surely some pain, I noticed he bounced when he walked. When I waved him toward the scale for the anesthesia required weight, he slid off his flip-flops before I could stop him.

“Oh, uh, oh, okay. Bare feet. Got it. Let’s get your shoes back on there.”

He gave me a wide grin before responding. “My toes breathe better this way.”

“Do you need to use the restroom before changing?’


‘Nope’ rang a bell and I searched for recall. Ah, yes. He’d been here a month ago, under someone else’s care, the voice and devil-may-care attitude, unmistakable.

Anyway…I went through my usual intro and explanation of the preparation that would occur in the pre-op area. Not quite un-expectantly, he started disrobing before I could close the curtain and minimize the risk of a side show for anyone walking by.

I had all the healthy nurse/patient boundaries up until I handed him a pen for signing his consent forms.

“Oh, thanks, I hold pens this way.” He took it with his thumb, index, and third finger. “I’m a writer. I like to write this way.”

As soon as he said “I’m a writer” I was taken back eight years.


A writing class.

I looked at him wide-eyed.

It was a class that opened my mind to the power of putting my thoughts and ideas on paper.

“Woodstream Writers”

He turned his head sharply, gasped, and said “Yes! I thought you looked familiar!”

Way back during that time, I had been tempted to ask him out. He had a charming upbeat personality.

Now he’s my patient.

Oh well.


5 responses to “Rules of Engagement

  1. An interesting conflict.

    • Susan says:

      Now, if I had been doing his discharge care, there might have been a window of opportunity to, who knows, meet up, critique drafts…a beginning of something. A girl can dream 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Well, I can tell I am old now! 🙂
    There used to be unwritten rules, many of which were broken by the-devil-may-dare people, but not by the ladies.
    Rule #1 A lady should never ask a man out unless it was for a joke on Sadie Hawkins day.
    Rule #2 Teachers and those in charge of juniors should never ask them out. One might be fired for that.
    Rule #3 If a young lady were interested in a male peer in a class situation, she might ask her best friend to drop a hint and see how it went from there.

    Now I need to ask a question: Why would your being his nurse and he being the patient prevent any friendship after the surgery is over? Sorry if my question sounds dumb?

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