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My Cup

on February 19, 2019


waterOver a year ago, during a long conversation with the Director of Surgery. I told her that patient care “…fills my cup.”

I’m entering my third year as the Chairperson for the Surgical Services Unit Practice council. This is because no one will step as Vice Chair and prepare to do it the following year. Via e-mail exchange, leadership reported no success in getting one of my peers to take on the role.

This responsibility is draining my cup.

Warning to younger/newer nurses: If patient care brings you joy, don’t let anyone  fool you into to thinking leadership on a committee is just a ‘once a month thing’!


6 responses to “My Cup

  1. BETH says:

    The ones who first appointed you probably snickered under their breaths saying, “Sucker.”

  2. BETH says:

    Tell me how my comment suddenly switched from WordPress to “anonymous.” 8-(

    • Susan says:

      Your avatar doesn’t come up either ?! I mean , it’s not your photo, only a computerized one,

      • BETH says:

        It almost seems that the new “rules” from WordPress are set in place to get rid of me. I really am beginning to feel paranoid. Previously I thought I had it all down “pat.”

  3. Kymber says:

    That’s good advice. 🙂

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