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on March 27, 2019

deniedUp until recently, I never understood why someone would drag their feet on the matter of getting a professional medical opinion for a ailment or physical injury.  There’s insurance or the ER ( I shouldn’t be so glib about the ER option, but hey, it is what it is.)

Then I fell at home in October. One of those dumb slip and falls on a wet spot on the floor. It was an ‘Oh  *&#@! , don’t move’ kind of fall.

I did get up after a few minutes, happy that the stabbing in my right knee was only temporary. …Until two weeks later when the pains returned with any exertion or longer than normal days on my feet.

Off to the doctor. Then Xray. Then Physical therapy. Then back to the Orthopedic surgeon. Then for a MRI.

At this point, I have been informed by letter that all my physical therapy has been denied. And now my diagnostic studies have been denied.

I DO take responsibility for being late returning the letter of inquiry to ensure that I wasn’t in a car accident or that this wasn’t a work injury.

The word is SUBROGATION.

My carrier wants assurance there is no other way they can get some other company to help pay what they are expected to cover.

My phone calls to United Healthcare will continue.

Will I work through this without any further professional care?




4 responses to “Denied

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    And even as you write, American healthcare companies are circling over Britain, trying to buy up pieces of the NHS because privatization is soooooooooooooooo much better than anything the government can do. It makes me so mad I want to throw things.

  2. Beth says:

    You know it! For some reason, there are always loopholes that help the insurance companies and not the employee. That’s how they stay in business and why they have the biggest buildings in town. We have to admit that greedy people in any company will take every advantage.

    • Susan says:

      It was just frustrating that coverage was not guaranteed/ my bills processed until I gave more specifics that I was not in a car accident. Boy, an email would have sufficed! And , if I had been in a car accident, it would have been on file as a public record with law enforcement!

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