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Sweet Dreams

on April 7, 2019

A fellow blogger did a post about her experience becoming a CPAP user.

Nat gets cozy with her new CPAP

It made me feel so much better about my journey to getting this fatigue issue resolved.

In a time when everyone is more responsive to cute pictures where your hair and make-up are just right and the captions are heavy on the ‘perky’, I love reading REAL life stuff that encourages me to keep at it and not give up!

6 responses to “Sweet Dreams

  1. Beth says:

    Apparently, I’m about to be a close associate to one who has needed a CPAP since he was born. His issues were not diagnosed as obstructive, but central nervous system. I should have guessed many years ago–before two of our natural born children were diagnosed with it and before a spate of grandchildren have it. Thanks, Granddad! You’re a tough customer to keep that hidden for so many years. But you know what? We’re glad you endured for our sakes.

    • Beth says:

      LOL, I’ve been a close associate (wife) of the person for more than 57 years, but now he is about to be a CPAP user. My first sentence sounded a little strange, when I read it again.

  2. Susan Rossow says:

    Susan- I was extremely fatigued for about one year. My thinking was foggy, no energy. I mentioned it to my primary dr and he ordered a sleep study. I was shocked that I had over 100 episodes of apnea, many for 60 seconds, my sats were down to 86%. OMG! I thought. After using my (whispering voice) cpap, I feel like a new person. No longer fatigued, thinking clearly. Readers- if you are wary of having a sleep study or being diagnosed with something that leads to a cpap please know it will improve your quality of life and can save your life.

    • Susan says:

      Oh gosh! Your testimony is so perfectly timed.
      Forty minutes ago I left work and went across the street to see my Sleep Md for my first follow up. O2 sats dropping into the seventies got me appropriately concerned.
      Turns out that when I dip down and the pressure flies up, I’m waking and pulling it off😟
      We’re going with 1/2 an Ambien tablet to get me to stop doing this.
      My impatience is tempered by your comment.
      Thank you ever so much!

      • Susan Rossow says:

        Do you have the mask called a dreamwear? It doesn’t cover your face. Just under your nose. It is lightweight and the hose connects on top of your head. Less claustrophobic.

      • Susan says:

        My unit is ResMed with a DreamWear full mask. I’m comfortable with the mask – have been wearing it / using the unit when reading to increase overall comfort. What was happening was that with the ramped higher pressure into the second hour of sleep, I would be wakened by puffy tight cheeks and some gastric distention.
        Last night I took my first ever Md prescribed Ambien, and had the BiPAP on for almost 5 hours versus my 80 minute average.
        I was hesitant to accept the script at yesterday’s appointment but…so excited to check my phone App this morning and learn how long I wore it!

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