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“No coffee for you!”

on May 25, 2019

So our Starbucks, yes, we have a Starbucks on the first floor of our quaint little 250 bed hospital, every day puts a different name on the chalkboard that sit in the front of the kiosk. Above it is written, If your name is ( name inserted), your drink is free.

I was down there the other day, being supportive of coffee bean growers everywhere, when I heard the guy in front of me,

“Hey, my name is Wilber, so I guess my drink will be free.”

Silly boy’s name tag was dangling right there on his shirt pocket – Miguel.

Miguel smiled wide at the barista.

The barista smiled and squinted his eyes at the nurse . ( I knew he was a nurse from the color of his scrubs)

“Your name tag says different.”

Miguel was feeling confident.

“My middle name is Wilber.”

Not to be outdone, the barista said in a neutral tone, “Show me your drivers license.”

Oh, the ever so confident coffee lover in front of me dropped his head, pulled out his wallet, but then at the last second, flipped it shut again, and paid for his drink.

We nurses do okay…he should have paid for it from the get go and not been so goofy.



2 responses to ““No coffee for you!”

  1. I guess people like to try their luck.

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