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Putting things where they ought to be

on June 9, 2019

Every day, after clocking in, I walk past a three foot high by eight foot long banner that boasts the number of robotic surgeries our department has done in the last twelve months.

Every day when I clock out, I head in the opposite direction toward the side stairs and pass our Patient satisfaction survey scores (posted the same way they are received) on an 8 x 11.5 inch piece of paper. They are under a clear plastic plaque. Next to it are three additional sheets with the questions and coordinating score breakdown for each.

We have a history of high patient satisfaction scores.

The hallway toward the pre-op area, where the patients change, get IV’s, etc…That’s the Robotic surgery banner hallway.

When people get the randomly sent survey, I don’t think they care how many robotic surgeries we have done.

And the surveys, well really, the importance of quality patient care, in my opinion, far exceeds technology.

Maybe I’ll go in some evening, late in the evening, bring a step stool, some big tacks, and switch this up…

But then I like my job, so I’ll find something else to battle about.





10 responses to “Putting things where they ought to be

  1. Jim says:

    I have no idea what a robotic surgery is. what I do know is I sure as hell hope robots never replace a nurse.

  2. joey says:

    I see your point entirely.

  3. Basil Rene says:

    Crazy what hospital admin focuses on. Nurses are the life blood of a hospital, yet they are treated as second class citizens. When I go in for any procedure think I care about a freaking robot? It’s the humans I deal with that matter.

  4. Beth says:

    A young Indian girl in high school with our daughter was a strong student–slated to be one of the best in the medical field. Her brother was also an outstanding student. Our daughter became a NICU nurse, but Angie did not. She married a doctor from her home country, but she opted not to become a nurse. Why? When I asked her what happened, she said her family had arranged the marriage with a doctor and that she was not going to try to maintain a marriage and a job that would conflict with each other. Smart girl to opt for the marriage first.

    • Susan says:

      Gosh , interesting story to share in response to my post. Arranged marriage…sincere hopes that he is a kind husband with a tender heart for his now wife!

      • Susan Rossow says:

        As a nurse with my masters and the mom of two wonderful kids I feel I made a smart choice giving back to society. Your friend might have been wise to have her own career and her own money. Hopefully her arranged marriage was meant to be!

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