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The Alchemist

on October 6, 2019

Not long ago, I visited my daughter and she asked if I’d read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

It was so long ago that I could only reference the basic  story line about Santiago’s journey to reach his personal legend and comment that I remember the story having a big message to all of us about the journey we each take.

I gladly took her copy that she offered to me for reading.

I’m just more than halfway through and so happy to have the opportunity to read it again.  Below is the last passage I read yesterday evening before putting it down for the night:

The Englishman, after the boy returned the loaned books, asked the lad, ” Did you learn anything?”

” I learned the world has a soul and whoever understands that soul can also understand the language of things.”

The depth of this story is amazing. I’m not even done and I know I’ll read it again next year. It’s infused with messages about the treasures we have right in front of us, the treasures we have within, and the value of the journey, not just reaching the destination.

2 responses to “The Alchemist

  1. Basil Rene says:

    I read it years ago and loved it. You inspired me to read it again!

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