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Maybe I'm not an introvert

on March 21, 2020

A week ago Saturday, I deferred going to the gym, figuring outdoor walks were safer, so on Saturday and Sunday I took a brisk one hour walk. Through and out my Oak tree lined neighborhood I went, then onto a side street shaded by various trees with new greenery. A powder of yellow pollen buds coated the sidewalk.

I was proud of myself for displaying some self-discipline and finding a healthy outlet for the increased tension in the air at the hospital where I work. We are getting ready. Our suspected cases ( admitted and in isolation) are few, but we are not naïve about the seriousness of this.

By Tuesday morning, all eight sinus cavities in my head were blocked up and my head felt heavy. I was sneezing into the elbow of my arm at work and apologetically telling everyone it was sinuses and how I got this way. I already was assigned Wednesday off.

I thought to myself This will resolve.

Wednesday I had a low grade fever and sore throat. Being responsible, I ignored my diagnosis of the problem and did all the required phone calls -my MD, then the Health Dept, then back to work.

A low number of surgeries scheduled and my allergies bought me three days off.

And here I am on day four of being at home

It’s Saturday afternoon and I can’t wait to get back to work.

I’ve gone to the drive thru Starbucks daily despite having plenty of coffee pods at home. I’m unusually chatty with the cashier at the window, even asking what she’d recommend as a breakfast sandwich to go with my coffee. So thankful they are open, my tips are generous.

My quiet home has always been a luxury after a day of sensory overload. Now it feels like a low security prison – okay, that’s an exaggeration. I like helping people and my status is making me feel hog-tied.

Feeling useless to my daughter in NYC ( who’s moving to a new apartment this week), I’ve Venmo’d her money for the silliest things. All you mom’s out there – I know you understand.

I’ve cleaned all the cabinets in my kitchen, cleaned my baseboards. Next is the garage. These things only have importance so that I won’t let my fears for my older parents, my other family members, and peers working in ER / Critical care get the best of me.

My Faith.

My faith.

It’s my comfort.

And maybe I’m not an introvert anymore.

16 responses to “Maybe I'm not an introvert

  1. Jim says:

    was rthinkin g about you with all of this COVID-19. hope you’re OK

  2. DM says:

    I hear you on that sensory overload/ love the quiet when I get home, but too much of a good thing..not so much. Appreciate the update! DM

  3. Jeanine says:

    Sending you love and prayers

  4. I appreciate what you do. I’m a high school teacher and stuck at home, too. However, I try to look at the silver lining. The extra time has allowed me to creatively write. And, to discover new bloggers worth following. 🙂

  5. joey says:

    I am an introvert, and I find that generally, my work is about all the socialization I need. (Or some days, can stand.)
    I am glad your cabinets are sorted!
    I am under the weather at the moment and take GREAT pleasure in reading that you’ve recently recovered from illness 🙂 I truly appreciate that share.
    Stay well.

  6. Beth says:

    Speaking of sensory overload, so much is going on in the world lately that I feel blasted out of the water. I can’t remember who said this or that and where all the information is coming from. Since being quarantined, there is at least one advantage, and that is time alone to think of real people and their needs and what actually is important to us all.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Susan. My prayers are with you and all your coworkers I am missing the experience. Stay safe and please keep blogging.

    • Susan says:

      Miss Bonnie, Thank you for the warm wishes! I want you to miss all of this – the virus – the stress of low census … take care – we’ll talk soon I hope !

  8. Seems like you’re doing awesome at handling everything and finding ways to be productive too! Exercise is so good and very much needed to relieve all this tension and stress 🙂 Stay safe, stay hopeful and keep the faith ❤

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