Don't Curse the Nurse!

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on July 13, 2020


We were out of COVID test kits.

It was for only a few hours.

It doesn’t mean we shut the doors. I’ll never be able to describe the surreal feeling of working in a hospital and hearing that news.

And, I don’t work in the ER

You bump into an Emergency room nurse, or for that matter, anyone who works in an ER, say “Thank you” to them. They go to work not having any, and I mean any idea, of what’s in store for them.  They are superstars to me!


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  1. amzych93 says:

    Crazy!!!! There was a lot of testing going on at the hosptial I will be working at. I’m grateful that there are only a few hospitalizations.

  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    You all are superstars. Every last one of you.

  3. Emdagny says:

    We all appreciate your humbleness Susan–You have helped so many people and many have been thankful that you were there nurse.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Sis ! If someone had told me thirty four years ago that I’d be working through something like this, I probably would have scoffed.

  4. mikah257 says:

    We will never be able to repay the debt we owe to health care workers at all levels.
    We could TRY, though!

  5. BETH says:

    Nurses like my daughter and her two daughters and another granddaughter who work in the trenches are in constant limbo. They go to work daily with the hope that today will be better. Then I read articles like this one copied from an email just now and wonder…. What is it that is driving all the fear? Why are we locked down if the following statistics are real?


    “BREAKING: CDC’S Latest — COVID-19 Deaths & Symptoms”
    By Donna Garner


    COVID-19 Infection Fatality Ratio, Overall – 0.0065 = two-thirds of 1% [This means that less than 1% of people die from COVID-19 in the entire United States.]

    Percent of COVID-19 infections that are asymptomatic – 40% [This means that 40% of the people who contract COVID-19 do not even know they have it.]

    *See Table 1 near bottom of this CDC page —

    Donna Garner

  6. CarolCooks2 says:

    All I can say is god bless all the health workers and everyone else in the frontline we owe you a debt xxx….Pretzel Bread is cooked and live 🙂 xx

    • Susan says:

      Took my Dad to the ER last night. He’s home now. My mom went with him so it meant she was the only one who could go in. It was like being electrocuted to hear them say to me ( still in my scrubs), “No, you can’t come in.”
      It broke me.
      I’m going to make this bread and get good at it so he and I can have it together when he’s home.
      Carol, Thank you.

      • CarolCooks2 says:

        Ylu are most welcome, Susan.. I am sorry to hear about your dad.. I am sure he will be home soon and enjoying the bread ❤️

      • CarolCooks2 says:

        He is home.. sigh.. I get carried away when I type… I am sure the bread will be great… Be careful with baking soda though.. It fizzes a lot and quickly so add it a little at a time x

      • Susan says:

        I will. Thanks for the tip. Could I split the dough in small portions and make rolls? If so, how long do you think I should let them bake?

      • CarolCooks2 says:

        Yes you could…it would probably make 10/12 rolls and make sure like the dinner rolls I made that you don’t leave gaps and then the only way they can go is to rise up..the cooking time will be about the same as you still have the same volume on your tray if that makes sense…that depends a little on your oven as they vary. Apparently the darker brown they are the more pretzel taste I may leave mine a little longer next time…Enjoy!

      • Susan says:

        Excellent, Thanks!

      • CarolCooks2 says:

        My pleasure, anytime 🙂

  7. I’m with other’s who said it before me — you are all SUPERSTARS! and HEROES!

    thank you.

    Here in Canada it is not as busy — but I still feel the fear.

    Thank you for all you do.

    • Susan says:

      Yeah, you know I don’t hear much about Canada …that’s a good thing nowadays, not being in the news all time like Florida is right now !

  8. willowdot21 says:

    You are all wonderful, you can be cranky at times, but your only human. Having been in and out of hospital this Covid year I have seen, heared and tasted the fear and stress everyone is under. It’s worse at night. Thank you for going to work us patients have no choice you do.💜💜💜

    • Susan says:

      Oh gosh, you don’t need to thank me for going to work! I chose this profession. I have driven on to work after hearing my Mom was taking my Dad to the ER, having faith the ER team would address his needs while my boss found someone to cover me and let me go be with my Mom.

      In previous posts I have tipped my hat to pediatric, critical care, and ER nurses, along with patients that have shown me the meaning of faith and courage.
      Bureaucracy, apathetic caregivers, and egocentric physicians push my buttons.

      With all this being said, I’ve taken to heart the last sentence of your comment.
      It might be time to wrap this blog up.
      Best regards.

      • willowdot21 says:

        I hope I have not offended you. What do you mean wrap up this blog. Do you mean stop blogging, why. I only meant like myself as patient I have no choice I am not well I have to have medical help . You guys are there because you choose to be and I am grateful 💜

      • Susan says:

        Oh, it has been seven years on WordPress…
        My posts haven’t resulted in that much healthy exchange with other nurses – Unexpected words of appreciation, yes – but connection with other nurses, no.
        It might be time to research avenues to promote networking among nurses!

        Thank you for your comments 👍

      • willowdot21 says:

        Take care maybe widening your net will help 💜

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