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Someone who used his Medicare Power for good!

on November 10, 2020

I was busy trying to beat my mom at Bananagrams when she paused and retrieved an article about the passing of Dr. Phillip R. Lee. My first thought was This is a concocted distraction but deep down I knew better. My parents read a couple of newspapers and magazines a week.

            I took a glance and knew right away this was an article meant for me to read AND post on my blog.

            In the 1960’s, from his place in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Dr. Lee engineered the introduction of Medicare. He established provisions in Medicare legislation that subjected 7,000 hospitals nationwide to rules barring discrimination — basically, you discriminate the application of medical care or hiring /promotion practices and Medicare insurance reimbursement will not apply to your hospital.

            Before this law took effect in 1966, fewer than half the hospitals in the country met the desegregation standard, in the south — less than 25%.

            By February of 1967, 95% of hospitals were compliant.

            On the subject of Health insurance in general, I only hear cynicism, the moans and groans of family, friends, patients, regarding the endless phone calls, the hoops to jump through, copays, deductibles, required pre-authorizations.

            Medicare co-starred in this article and I loved every bit of this read.

            Dr. Lee, who several referred to as a socialist and communist (despite serving in the Korean war) took a newly created national healthcare plan and used it as a battering ram to place a big bruise on agencies practicing discrimination.

            Here’s the link

3 responses to “Someone who used his Medicare Power for good!

  1. He sounds like a great man. In South African you have to pay for expensive healthcare as the treatment in the government hospitals is often very poor. If you get it for free, admin is a nuisance but well worth the time. Our healthcare is very expensive and only available to people who can afford it.

    • Susan says:

      Medicare is our country’s federal health insurance program for people age 65 or older. People younger than age 65 with certain disabilities can also apply for Medicare.
      You are eligible for Medicare if you are a citizen of the United States or have been a legal resident for at least 5 years and you or your spouse has worked for at least 10 years (or 40 quarters) in Medicare-covered employment.
      A small percent is pulled from my paycheck to pay for my future Medicare coverage.

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