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I Pick Zoey

i pick zoey

I recently finished binging on the Netflix show Nurse Jackie. Yes, the show has been long gone for a couple of years now, but Netflix is my only ‘channel’ and a little T.V is my way of slowing for a moment, putting down the ‘to do’ list down, sitting on the floor and stretching ( an activity that never seems to follow my gym workouts).

I didn’t get into the show because I found it entertaining to see how long an impaired nurse could keep working and get away with an addiction with potential to harm others. The supporting characters are well written — they are not fluff created to showcase the lead actress. Any show, movie, or book that deftly ties together characters with plot gets a star from me.

And speaking of stars, by the sixth episode, I wanted to rename the show ‘Nurse Zoey’.

Zoey is the polar opposite to Jackie, young and inexperienced, brimming with optimism, sensitive to the patients she encounters, so bubbly she bounces as she walks – unlike the taut stride of which Jackie moves through the ER with. ( Merritt Weaver – awesome acting!)

Zoey has a veneer, shiny but no repellent. She absorbs light, glows, and sends it back out.

I watched to see if she would become jaded when Jackie’s drug addiction was no longer a secret. Would she get discouraged, angry? Would she develop a salty tongue? Have a case of sour grapes when the supervisor, a lifetime friend of Jackie’s, first disregards her concerns that something is going on with the seasoned nurse?

She didn’t. There was a scene where she shared with Jackie how sad she was because Jackie had been her role model. Zoey wasn’t critical or accusatory.

I hope everyone has a ‘Zoey’ at work.

I do.

She’s not the youngest. As a matter of fact, she’s the oldest. And the most experienced. And she has a past in management. She could retire, but she loves nursing.

If you’re reading this, work buddy, I wanted to tell you, “It’s a pleasure.”

Thank you for coming to work with us!

Everyone out there, nurse or any other type of professional, take care of your Zoey.



A ‘shroom with a View

  Image      The young girl I was recovery from her gastroscopy was pale skinned, not like severely anemic pale, just naturally pale like Brittany Murphy in “8 Mile”. On her face was that Oh I love Propofol look — eyes half shut, arms languishing at her side. Within ten minutes she was awake and asking about having some lunch. That’s when the doctor came out to see her. I stepped back a few feet, but could still hear them well.

He gave her the news everyone like to hear, “not much there” “…a little inflammation”. Then he asked her a question. “Do you smoke pot routinely?”

She started to speak, but he interrupted her.

“See, there is a syndrome called Cannabinoid hyperemesis that can cause excessive vomiting and abdominal pain.”

The doctor paused at this point. I’ve heard him ask this before. He’s waiting for a humble confession. This little porcelain angel’s response was precious, her tone — matter-of fact.

            “Well, it was my birthday about a week ago and we didn’t have enough money for ‘shrooms — my boyfriend and I — see we live together and he’s not getting much work lately — so we got a bag of grass instead, you know, to go with pizza and beer — oh, and cake, of course.”

            I saw the doctor cock his head quizzically. I couldn’t help but giggle. I mean, my porcelain angel said it so calmly. (I’ll have to blog an addendum to the post that reads “All Patients Lie”.  She’s the exception.)

The physician couldn’t help but smile as I murmured, “She’s being honest”.


On the professional side of things, when he was done talking, I sat with my Brittany Murphy look-a-like and pointed out that she lost work time and she should find a healthier addiction that doesn’t eat up her stomach and her income.


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